Release Notes
  Changes up to 1.4p at 6th December 2005
  Changes up to 1.4n at 8th June 2004
  Changes up to 1.4m at 19th June 2003
  Changes up to 1.4l at 22nd Dec 2002
  Changes up to 1.4j at 6th July 2001
  New Features for Dyalog 9.0
  Changes up to 1.4i at 16th January 2001
  Changes up to 1.4h at 27th August 2000
  Changes up to 1.4g at 15th July 2000
  Changes up to 1.4f at 16th January 2000
  Changes up to 1.4e at 20th December 1999
  Changes up to 1.4 at 10th October 1999
  Changes up to 1.3g at 18th Feb 1999
  Changes up to Release 1.3d at 28th Oct 1998
  Changes up to Release 1.3b at 4th Sept 1998
  Changes from May to 30th June 1998
  Changes from March 25th-May 10th 1998
  Changes after February 2nd 1998
  Changes from 1st Jan 1998 onwards
  Gelnhausen Seminar to 28th Dec 1997
  Updates during November
  Updates during Sept-Oct 1997
  Updates during August/Sept
  APL97 Release to 15th August 1997
Known Bugs in Latest Version
  Summary of Unfixed Bugs