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Changes up to Release 1.3d at 28th Oct 1998

Class.CK.Create – initialises ŒIO and ŒML in the class namespace correctly

Class.FM.Refresh – failed if menu was ‘’ – minx initialised correctly now.

Class.AFT.OpenList – failed for a 1-element droplist due to inconsistent behaviour in ‘TextSize’. Work-around added.

Class.LV.Create – adds support for dragable and editable items. Keyboard handler queues a ‘BeginEditLabel’ on F2 (Windows standard).

Class.TR.Create – adds editable labels, triggered by F2 as above.

Class.RGN.Create – allows the region to be scrollable, in which case it sets ‘coord’ ‘user’ here and adds optional scrollbars. This requires a new configure handler to adjust the scroll range on resize. Also it now has a ‘Read’ function to update a variable with the position of the top-left corner, and a ‘Refresh’ to update the size of the child object and the offset of the top corner.

Class.SUB.Create – default is ‘Scaled’ as before, but now has the option of retaining its size and thus forcing the containing region to grow scroll bars if it does not fit.

SUB,RGN – both now have ‘Colour’ as a design-time property. See example dialogue ‘cm scroller’ in the QA namespace. Note that Dyalog can make mistakes when adding or killing scrollbars, so do not rely on objects in the extreme bottom corner remaining visible!

Class.VSB.Reposition – enhanced to work successfully with managed objects having ‘Coord’ ‘User’ (see above for the reason!). HSB similarly.

Class.TR.onItemUp – does not move the current index if the user hit the ‘+/-’ control to roll up or unroll the tree.

CPro.Menu – extends support for item styles. ± flags a radio style and ° is a radio style which is initially checked. Checking other items in the same contiguous group will uncheck the first.

CPro.Menu – note that you can get the internal name of an entire menu by calling the Id function of the form, passing in “[menuname]” as argument. You must include the “[]” characters as shown. This allows you to enable or disable entire menus or submenus. This has worked for some time, but was never documented. Sorry.

Win.WhatsThis – fakes “WhatsThis” help popup for any control. Set a dialog box to have the new ‘Help button’ style, then add a ‘Help’ action for any object such as “¸ #.Win.WhatsThis text“. A popup help will appear for the control, which will be dismissed by any mouseclick or keyboard action.

#.Class.‘classtab – ‘Help button’ style added. Note that this also kills minbutton and maxbutton which compete for the same space.

Designer.ShowProps – taborder on fields with ‘...’ buttons corrected. Support added for ‘Bitmap’ and ‘Metafile’ as property types. These show as a text field with a ‘Browse’ button for a suitable filebox.

#.Class.AFT – workaround added to ensure the field is read if the user changes it and presses the default button with <Enter>.

#.Class.CH – resized incorrectly when ‘drag full window’ was set in Windows 98 or NT. Also tried to run mouse handlers even when the #.PostScrp namespace was missing, giving Value errors. Fixed.

Released to the Web Site as 1.3d 28th Oct 1998

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