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FrameStyle – style of chart frame

This may be used as an alternative to the general ‘style’ property to set attributes which are specific to the chart frame.

ch.Set 'BStyle' 'nowipe'
ch.Set 'BStyle' 'boxed'

The default style is ‘wipe, nobox’ which is the same setting as for the generic style.


wiped:nowipe ... Blank area behind chart
boxed:nobox ... Draw box around entire chart
shadowed:noshadow ... Shadow chart box
rounded:square ... Corner style

The bolded values show the defaults. You would use ‘nowipe’ if you placed your charts on a fancy metafile graded fill, or if you want to have several overlapped graphs in the same chart area. The ‘boxed’ style simply draws a box around the entire chart area, with a small allowance (default 4 points) as gutter so that a trellis of boxed charts has some space between the cells. You can choose to shadow the box by adding ‘shadowed’ as well as ‘boxed’ to the style.

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