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ch.Gantt – project plans

This chart is typically used to print project information or production schedules. It usually has a time-based x-axis and various resources plotted vertically on the y-axis.

ch.Gantt schedule


MAT„?15 2½4+¼6
ch.Set('Style' 'Boxed,values')('Head' 'Gantt Chart')('Yrange' 0 5)
ch.Set'Values' 'Cut' 'Mill' 'Grind' 'Polish'
ch.Gantt(¼4),MAT[1 2 3 4;]

It takes a 3-column matrix with Y values in col-1, X-Start/X-End in 2,3. The value labels may be drawn inside the bars or just above using vstyle 'ontop'. The bars are sized by default to accommodate the current value-label font. The ‘barwidth’ setting over-rides this.

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