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ch.Resp – response surface plots

This type of plot works with a simple rectangular array of height data, and plots it on a regular x,y co-ordinate system. It is best used to illustrate the shape of mathematical functions.

ch.Resp surface


 MAT„´++™?5 3½36
 ch.Set('Pattern' 1)('Style' 'grid,tiled')
 ch.Set('XL' 'York,Hfx,Tby,Ltr,Gls')('Hfont' '8')('YL' 'Last,This,Next')
 ch.Resp MAT

You can also call this with a three-element nested vector giving:

(XY matrix of Z-values).

Clearly the lengths must match correctly if you do this.

If you tile the surface, markers are automatically cancelled. Otherwise you have the usual choice of markers and line-styles – markers 14 and 15 (the 3D-effect circles) look good at the mesh intersections.

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