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ch.Table – table charts

Accepts an array of numbers and plots a table according to the current settings.

ch.Table mat

The table chart may be used on its own to tabulate data (the above example is a typical CrossTab using the ‘GroupBy’ and ‘CategoriseBy’ settings). However it is most likely to be used in adding summary information to another chart, for example a correlation table to a scatterplot.

The current setting for YLabels is used for the row stubs, and the XLabels make the column titles. To label the top-left cell, set the YCaption. The usual font settings apply to the caption and both sets of labels, and you may control the appearance of the cell values with the ValueFont and Value picture format.

The Column titles may be spanned across more than one cell with Style ‘spanned’. In this case, any non-null headings will be centered across their own cell and any null cells to their right. Column titles and row stubs may be multi-line (passed using arrays of arrays or split with ‘;’) or may be wrapped automatically with the Label Format picture for the appropriate axis.

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