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ch.Tower – tower charts

Tower charts are effectively grouped barcharts where the groups have been separated into parallel rows of equally-spaced bars. It is obviously necessary to present the data with the higher bars towards the back (the right-most columns) as otherwise data can be completely hidden behind more nearby towers.

ch.Tower mat


 MAT„´+\+™?5 3½36
ch.Set('XL' 'York,Hfx,Nch,Ltr,Gls')('YL' 'Last,This,Next')('mg' 8 8 8 8)
ch.Tower MAT

The data is a simple table (array of arrays) giving groups of towers. Each group is plotted parallel to the Y-axis, using a standard set of shading patterns and the colour rotation you request. The tower spacing is controlled by the group-gap property. All the usual settings (axis captions and so on) apply to all three axes.

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