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ch.Trellis – define a matrix of cells

When plotting sections through high-dimensional datasets it is often convenient to make a series of small plots in a rectangular grid. To carve the chart area into a grid of 3 rows and 4 columns:

ch.Set 'Trellis' 3 4

If you simply have a set of charts to plot in a grid, you can leave RainPro to calculate the layout:

ch.Set 'Trellis' 13

... this will divide the available space as effectively as possible to lay out 13 small plots. The cells will be used in row-major order by default; use ch.Set 'tstyle' 'snaking' to work down the columns. See ch.NewCell for details on how to move from cell to cell.

To have RainPro skip to a new cell automatically for every plotting call, set the TrellisStyle to ‘skip’.

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