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Colours – set colour cycle

When you plot several data series, or use a pie chart, RainPro will work through a standard sequence of colours, shading patterns, markers and so on. These series have been intentionally chosen to be of varying lengths to reduce the chance of any two data-series being plotted in the same combination.

To over-ride the colour series:

ch.Set 'colour' 'red,blue,#FFC0C0'

Note that you can use the standard ‘internet’ colour names or the hex-style 24-bit specification here. You may also use the colour numbers directly – the values from 0-15 are the 16 basic colours (0=black ... 15=white) and higher numbers are an integer encoding of the RGB value in the form ((256×256×Red)+(256×Blue)+Green). This may be more convenient if you are computing the colours with an algorithm, or you simply have very many lines to set.

ch.Set 'colour' (12 12 0 0 2)

The cycle will persist from the point where you set it, until you set this property again – this allows you to set it once only for a series of several plotting calls.

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