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KeyFrame – key frame override

This property allows you to place your key or legend anywhere in the chart area, and have the keys wrapped horizontally (the default) or in vertical snaking columns within the box. See the Keytest example for some possibilities.

Some reasonable key arrangements are:

   :Case 1  © Across the bottom
     ch.Set'hm' 64 12
     ch.Set('kbox' 4 0 380 48)('kstyle' 'boxed')
   :Case 2  © Right margin, vertical, 2-column
     ch.Set('vm' 48 120)('ks' 'boxed,vert')
     ch.Set('kbox' 310 80 424 300)('kf' 'ar,8')
   :Case 3  © Right margin, vertical, reversed, small text
     ch.Set('vm' 48 80)('ks' 'boxed,vert,reversed')
     ch.Set('kbox' 360 40 420 300)('kf' 'ar,7')
   :Case 4  © Columnar, across the bottom
     ch.Set'hm' 64 18
     ch.Set('kbox' 4 0 380 48)('kstyle' 'boxed,vertical')

Note that the key frame is specified in absolute (point) co-ordinates, measured from the lower left corner of the chart area. Any keys which cannot be fitted into the given box (using the font provided) will be trimmed. The vertical spacing is always set to 1.2 × font size – you might need to use this to calculate how deep to make the box to accommodate a varying number of series. Alternatively, use the ‘autofit’ key style to ensure your keys fit into the frame size you set.

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