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Barchart style

Styles are defined with a list of keywords, separated by commas. At a minimum, you need the first 4 letters of each word to activate the style. If a style is turned on by default (bold) it can be cancelled by prefixing the word with ‘no’ as in ‘noaxes’.

ch.Set 'style' 'Horizontal,rela'

RelativeTreat data values as relative, so sum the series progressively to make stacked bars or shaded surfaces.
ForcezeroForce both axes to include the origin
VerticalDraw bars vertically
HorizontalDraw bars horizontally
GroupGrouped bars (multiple barchart)
StackStacked bars
FloatFloating bars (stacked but first bar is not drawn)
Axes:NoAxesChart axes are drawn as normal
GridGridlines are drawn on both axes
ValuesValues are written on/inside the bars depending on the value style
RedrawRedraw axes after chart is complete
FrameAxes are connected across the top and side of the chart to frame it

The checkboxes and radio-buttons in the style editor in GraPL (desktop) simply add and remove the appropriate keywords for you.

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