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Linegraph Style

Styles are defined with a list of keywords, separated by commas. At a minimum, you need the first 4 letters of each word to activate the style. If a style is turned on by default (bold) it can be cancelled by prefixing the word with ‘no’ as in ‘noaxes’.

ch.Set 'style' 'XYPlot,lines,risers'

XYPlotTreat the first column of data as X-values
RelativeRelative data (to be accumulated as it is plotted)
IndexIndex to starting value=100 for all series
ForcezeroBoth axes will include the origin
TrendAn exponentially weighted trend line is drawn through the data
GrowthAn exponential growth curve is fitted to the data
OntopThe trend or modelfit is drawn on top of the data values
ModelA regression line (default is linear) is drawn through the data
AnnotateAnnotate modelfit with coefficients
LinesPoints are connected with lines
MarkersMarkers are drawn at points
RisersVerticals are drawn up from the x-axis
SurfaceChart is shaded from the line down to the X-axis
FilledEach line is completed back to its starting point, then shaded in
SegmentedLines are broken wherever missing values are encountered
ClippedLines are broken and markers removed at axis limits
ClampedLines follow chart boundary when data is clipped
CellsCells are created for use by Newcell when plotting miniatures
HaloMarkers have a halo underlying them to make them stand out from axes and grids
Axes:NoAxesAxes are drawn
ValuesValues are written at all markers
ArrowArrowheads are drawn at the end of each line
RedrawRedraw axes when chart is completed
FramedFramed axes (completed across the top and down the side)
GridGridlines are drawn on both axes

The checkboxes and radio-buttons in the style editor in GraPL (desktop) simply add and remove the appropriate keywords for you.

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