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Polarchart Style

Styles are defined with a list of keywords, separated by commas. At a minimum, you need the first 4 letters of each word to activate the style. If a style is turned on by default (bold) it can be cancelled by prefixing the word with ‘no’ as in ‘noaxes’.

ch.Set 'style' 'lines,risers'

XYPlotTreats first column of data as x-values (direction)
TimeX-values are taken as hours on a 24-hr clock
CompassX-values are taken as degrees
RelativeRelative data (series are accumulated)
ForcezeroThe radial axis is forced to include the origin
CentreThe centre of the chart is marked with a dot
LinesThe points are connected with lines
MarkersMarkers are drawn at points
RisersRadial lines are drawn from the centre to each point
SurfaceSurface shading is drawn from each line to the centre
GridRadial and circular gridlines are drawn
ArrowsArrows are drawn from the centre to each data point

The checkboxes and radio-buttons in the style editor in GraPL (desktop) simply add and remove the appropriate keywords for you.

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