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ValueStyle – value-tag style

Sets the appearance of chart value labels.

ch.Set 'vstyle' 'inside'


opaque:transparent ... Blank behind text
invert ... Use bar colour if ‘inside’ tag has no space and is drawn ‘ontop’
inherit ... Always use data colour (ignore colour in Value Font)
ontop;inside;middle ... Placement on barcharts, piecharts and markers
vertical:horizontal ... Orientation
cumulative;sector ... Cumulative or sector values on stacked barcharts
left:centre:right ... Relative placement (to markers)
pitch=110% ... Set inter-line spacing for multi-line value tags
effect=id ... Attach a defined effect to the tag text
hints:tips:normal ... Set as hints or tips on the data points

Options in bold are the normal defaults.

Value tags are normally drawn on top of bars and centred above markers on scatterplots. Use the ‘inside’ style to get the values drawn inside the bars (possibly in conjunction with ‘vertical’ if the labels are long) or to have values written in the markers on a scatterplot. This works well with the large circular markers (marker-13), probably scaled up by about 3 to make room for the value digits.

Use the ‘middle’ style to centre the labels vertically in each bar segment of a stacked barchart. This style would probably go with ‘sector’ to get sector values rather than cumulative totals.

ch.Set 'vstyle' 'sector,middle'

For horizontal barcharts the values are always drawn at the end of the bar furthest from the axis or baseline.

To have the values shown as statusbar hints in the chart viewer (and also in the browser status field with VML output to web pages) set the valuestyle to ‘hints’. This will not write any text into the chart, but will instead add the appropriate hotspots to trigger mouseover actions. Similarly, you can set a ‘tips’ style to have the values show as pop-up tips in the web-browser. The hints/tips will be formatted using the value picture format as normal.

Note that if you use log or scaled axes, the values always show the true (unscaled) data values here, so if you set a format picture, make sure you allow sufficient space.

To apply a defined effect (such as an SVG shadow filter or animation) to the text, give the effect id here:

ch.Set 'Vstyle' 'effect=98'

You can list multiple effects (chained with ‘+’) to apply several filters.

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