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XStyle – X-axis style

The chart axes can be set independently with a variety of custom effects. The options shown here apply to the horizontal axes.

ch.Set 'xstyle' 'grid,labmid,xtick'

angled:noangleInclined labels (see XAngle)
between:nobetweenPlace tickmarks between bars or groups
forcezero:noforceAxis must include zero in range
axis:plain:invisible:noaxisAxis style (normal, unlabelled, hidden but labelled, not drawn)
linear:log:longitudeData transformation and label type
date:time:annual:monthlyVarious date and time options
bottom:top:duplicateAxis placement
ntick:ptick:xtick:notickTick mark style
atside:atend;centreCaption placement
labmid:labadj:nolabLabel placement
move:stayTicks and labels move with intercept axes
grid:nogridDraw grid lines at major ticks
labels:nolabelsOmit labels if required
mtick:nomtickAdd minor tick marks at default spacing
flat:noflatForce flat captions and labels on 3D charts
arrow:noarrowAdd arrowheads at axis extremities
clip:noclipClip axis (and data) at first and last tick mark
exact:extendAxis will not be rounded up to the next whole tick mark

Options in bold are the normal defaults. See Tick Marks for examples of the various styles.

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