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ZStyle – Z-axis style

The chart axes can be set independently with a variety of custom effects. The options shown here apply to the vertical axis in 3D charts.

ch.Set 'zstyle' 'grid,forcezero'

forcezero:noforceAxis must include zero in range
exact:extendAxis will not be rounded up to the next whole tick mark
atside:atendCaption placement
ntick:plain:noaxisTick mark style
grid:nogridDraw gridlines from Z-ticks around backplanes
altitude:noaltitudeShade tiles to indicate height
labels:nolabelsOmit labels if required
flat:noflatForce flat captions and labels on 3D charts

All 3D charts have the tickmarks drawn outwards (style ‘ntick’), as either of the other normal styles can interfere with the grid when the chart is projected. Options shown in bold are the defaults.

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